An online certificate  course with a focus on professional skills and competencies required for organisation and management of school library in the digital environment

       The CSL is an online course designed for the target group working in the school education system as Teacher librarians/In-charge Librarians and Librarians in school libraries. The course is also open for those who have passion for School Library. This is a 16 credit course of Six months’ duration organized under two modules. However, the registration for the course is valid for a maximum period of two years. The course is designed on the e-Learning environment, wherein the major instructional inputs are provided online on the Moodle platform. The certificate course can be pursued on a part-time basis.

The objective of the Certificate Course in School Library is to develop essential professional skills and competencies among the participants to: 

  • Plan and acquire good collection for the school library.
  • Organize and manage the school library effectively and efficiently.
  • Provide better library services to school children and teachers in the web environment.
  • Nurture reading among school children and initiate collaborative learning.
  • Promote the use of Web Resources among the school Children and Teachers.
  • Organize Information literacy programmes for the benefit of Students and Teachers for the effective use of Digital and Web Resources.

The course begins from 15/09/2022.

For Admission procedure, online application and other details please visit :


Dr. S. Nagaraja

Course Co-ordinator 

 eMail: nagarajas@riemysore.ac.in

Mobile: 9901733236